Monday, 20 March 2017

S8.297 - The Fix Is In

Not too Sexi for that song reference though. (Not this song reference. I was going for an AMV Friday. On Monday.) Did you notice the extra update last Tuesday? I can't track days of the week.
2017 is a sexy prime though (with 2011). Did you know that?


QQUINN: How did you get in here?
PARAB: I’m... tired of answering that.
PARAB: QQuinn, what have you done?
QQUINN: I’m fixing it.
PARAB: You believed Versine’s claim of rigged votes, and unleashed the virus on her behalf?
QQUINN: I didn’t notice there was a missing a degree symbol, making it unstable. But I’m FIXING--
QQUINN: I feel... so Sexi it hurts...
PARAB: Do your little turn on the catwalk. Then I turn you in.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

S8.296 - Day 3.14

All the news today seems to be about one of the items in the first panel, so I came up with this bonus on the fly. Yes, it should be white chocolate (or marshmallows) but I didn't want too much white in the panels. Also, I don't like white chocolate. I wonder why I think of QT when I think kitchen disasters...

In other news, I've spent the last day adding navigation links to all prior serial parts. Hopefully that encourages some reading of prior entries?


QQT: Making pie for pi day?
QRADIK: It’s white day.
QQT: Because of the snowstorm?
QRADIK: A month after Valentine’s Day, men give gifts back to women. I’m trying to make chocolate for QCubi. White Day. Get informed!
SFX: *BOOM* (chocolate explosion)
QQT: W-Want to bring her QCubi my pie?
QRADIK: She might appreciate that 3.14 times more...
QQT: Para can lick chocolate off my nose instead...

Monday, 13 March 2017

S8.295 - Battle Scar Galactic Aha

Not the first time Versine has started referencing that show. I think I’m poking some fun at US politics here? It’s hard to tell these days.

This ties together the derivative plot, Sine's dual identity, and the pre-election strips. Hopefully in such a way as it seems pre-planned, despite me having no script until these comments in early January 2017.


VERSINE: Fine. Listing myself as Sine, I could steal her votes, then reset the election system.
VERSINE: But in testing the virus, Sine’s name would derive to Cosine... only to phase back. As if they were the same character.
(QLyn and QSine exchange a look)
VERSINE: Before I could fix the overlap issue, I got on this cabinet. So my whole plan was scrapped.
QLYN: Could one of your followers have implemented it anyway?
VERSINE: As if! People must do what their imperious leader says.
QSINE: Riiiiight.

Monday, 6 March 2017

S8.294 - Trig Her Warning

If there’s a Trig plot, it’s probably Versine. She has a history. A long history. That said, her derivative is relevant, and you now have all the necessary pieces. Can you solve the puzzle?

Incidentally, I don’t know who’s sitting on the other side of that table. I still need to decide who was chosen as minister for the Environment plus one other department (Agriculture maybe?). Thoughts?


QSINE: Your report?
EXPONA: The original virus was trying to target trig.
EXPONA: It needed to differentiate between degrees and radians. But the virus glitched. It started differentiating us instead, with respect to x.
QSINE: And its source?
EXPONA: Someone who would benefit from becoming her derivative in the election database.
(all look at Versine)
VERSINE: Oh, as if you even know the derivatives for archaic trig functions!

Monday, 27 February 2017

S8.293 - Drawn Together

There was an art aside with a fan art in the middle of last week. Did you catch it? Also, did you catch the reference here to the derivative of secant?


SEC: What’s happening? I feel like tangent’s becoming... me!
ARCTAN: She was you squared.
ARCTAN: Now QArcSin has absorbed that square. He’s unstable, because his derivative isn’t trig. So, yes, tangent and you are becoming one.
SEC: What’s your plan? Should I infect myself with the virus to bring tangent back?
ARCTAN: Let me run tests first.
ARCTAN: (at easel) I’ve started drawing blood for analysis.
EXPONA: You might want to hear my report.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

S8.292b - Art Aside Hyper

Unscheduled update! The strangest thing happened last week. Someone asked me about doing fan art.

I'm fine with this, in fact I've commissioned work of my characters before. (You can see a couple of those updates after Series 7: here for Para, and here for others. There were also art updates back in 2013 for Para, for Lyn+Root, and for Trigonometry.) But, outside of the co-comic I made with John Golden, no one's ever asked about doing it. The individual, who goes online by "Asclepius' Viper" provided me with a "quick sketch", seen below. Conic art!

I think that's REALLY cool, particularly the perspective, like you're looking up from below. Not something I've tried before. Also neat with the necklace flying out. (Aside, this likely explains why a search for "QHyper" turned up in my statistics last week.)

Fun fact, when I silk screened my Para shirt years ago, we were going to make a silhouette shirt for my wife too. She wanted Elly, but the number of cuts necessary seemed problematic, so she went with Hyper (the original) instead. It's nice that people like the conics. I have vague plans for Elly next series, we'll see what happens.

While I'm posting, I thought I might take this opportunity to showcase a few other comic websites out there that some of you might enjoy:



And for something very lighthearted, Pocket Princesses - what if Disney Princesses could interact? Sometimes I drop by these sites when I'm in need of a smile. As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to submit any fan art in the future.

Monday, 20 February 2017

S8.292 - Primed Time

I don't teach Calculus, so it's been a while since I looked up derivative graphs. The ellipse was interesting; I checked it in Desmos. I'm hoping the tangent derivative comes across in the image. If you've forgotten it, would that help you remember?


QT: We must believe the others can fix us.
ROOT?: Right. We need to stay calm.
QELLY?: Calm? Root, the two of us are practically reciprocals of ourselves.
TANGENT?: QArcSin’s suffering the most. I wonder why he--
FX: ZOT, as Tangent touches QArcSin
(Tangent & QArcSin are on the ground)
RHYS?: I’d hoped trig could remain unfazed.
QELLY?: Bah. Every horizontal change phases trig.