Monday, 19 March 2018

S9.335 - Spiritual Plane

A steppe being a large, flat, grassland plain (it’s where Maud’s step-sister lives) while they’re a plane, in spirit. More on Hyper’s ZPM at that link (and Stargate’s ZPM there). Thanks to John Golden for the shortest distance comment.

You may have noticed the lack of an update last week. I’m struggling a bit to close off Series 9 properly, plus I want to devote efforts to my serial “Time Untied” before our child is born in June. So updates will be a bit random going forward.


QLYN: Found anything?
LYN: Maybe. I’ve realized our standard form, x - y = 0, is a plane equation.
QLYN: With a z-coefficient of zero. Nice.
LYN: Our Hyper once had a Z-Axis Points Module. That’s what created ParaB. So with Hyper’s notes...
QLYN: We could find the shortest distance to Hyper, if we need her help.
LYN: Might be safer to keep reading up on planes.
QLYN: Sure, one steppe at a time.

Monday, 5 March 2018

S9.334 - Re:Search

Take a look, it's in a book. Though if you have any thoughts on hidden abilities for the various math equations, I'm listening.


PARA: Oh, wait. I did gain flight! ... By almost dying.
QELLY: Elly meditated for her power change.
ARCTAN: Maybe it’s different for everyone.
GAMMA: What will you try then?
 ('Tans look at each other)
QLYN: I’ll go look in books.
GAMMA: Novel idea.

Monday, 26 February 2018

S9.333 - Power Failure

I honestly don’t remember if I’ve used the derivative joke before, but it’s likely. Feel free to refresh my memory.


TESSIE: Sure, we can make something for you. Arts also does crafts.
GAMMA: Thanks!
GAMMA: What’s happening here?
QELLY: Elly says we can gain powers like her.
QLYN: A power-up would make me into Para. It’s the virus all over again.
GAMMA: Our plot’s become derivative?
ARCTAN: No, only our puns.

Monday, 19 February 2018

S9.332 - Faire Game

Today's comic is a shout-out to topics in StArt Faire's "Comic Tea Party" on Discord last Thursday. In case you thought I was working with a buffer. If you missed it, you can see a transcript here. (I'm still open to suggestion.)


QELLY (thinks): Wait... I sense future echoes. How is that even possible?
ELLY: Our history holds the key to our future. Join me.
QELLY: Pffft. The real shipping isn't us, it's Expona with herself.
ELLY: ...What?
QELLY: Shouldn’t our future become formulaic? With added dimensionality?
ELLY: You're missing my points.
QELLY: Oh, Ayel gave me a CompSci soda. Have a C-Plus plus.

Monday, 12 February 2018

S9.331 - Home Economics

Ever feel like no matter how much promotion you do, people only find you through random chance? Anyway, lemmas, Slope’s hunger and tourism all came together nicely at last. Last reminder about StArt Faire's Discord Chat this Thursday, 8pm EST!
By the way, Maud's serving Curl-E fries.


QLOGAN: What’s with all the tourists?
QSINE: We thought your group brought them here.
COUNT_B: That Slope girl seemed to be obsessing about the food you had in math. We thought we’d check the place out, and found all this.
QSINE: We do make a great lemma meringue pi.
COUNT_B: Nice myth about alcohol proofs.

Monday, 5 February 2018

S9.330 - Be Seeing You

There's the mouse rollover message, and then the fact that if GPS were looking at browser history, Latti would be making a more obvious reference to the latest ‘Doctor Who’ special.
(A reminder that the StArt Faire Discord channel will be talking about Any ~Qs on Feb 15th!)


QLOGAN: Good work, Rhys. GPS proved himself, so we’re free.
RHYS: I’m good at more than making tea.
ELLY: Let’s return to math. Maybe I can help other tans to evolve like me.
SIGNUM: You sure you can leave geography?
ELLY: Yeah. I even gave GPS a new super visor.
GPS (wearing Visor): Check out my new add visory services.
LATTI: I love it. Never take it off.

Monday, 29 January 2018

S9.329 - O-Car-In-A Ditch

"Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" is a long way to go for this joke. Hope you felt it was worth the journey.

FYI, if you only click on "next", you would have missed last week's Art Aside, with thanks to those on StArt Faire's Discord server. Related, StArt Faire is doing a Comic Awards Show Feb 10th (2pm EST) and looking at Any ~Qs Feb 15th (8pm EST). Mark your calendars.


RHYS: Listen, we only want our friends back.
GPS: You listen. If you leave now, I’ll see that you get them.
QCUBI: What if we don't leave?
GPS: Watch out. You can’t ditch me. I’ll nag you constantly.
GPS: I’ll stay by your side saying ‘Hey, Listen!’
SLOPE: We could hide?
GPS: I’d find you.
GPS: I have a Navi gate ability.
RHYS: I see his link. We should go.