Monday, 20 March 2017

S8.297 - The Fix Is In

Not too Sexi for that song reference though. (Not this song reference. I was going for an AMV Friday. On Monday.) Did you notice the extra update last Tuesday? I can't track days of the week.
2017 is a sexy prime though (with 2011). Did you know that?


QQUINN: How did you get in here?
PARAB: I’m... tired of answering that.
PARAB: QQuinn, what have you done?
QQUINN: I’m fixing it.
PARAB: You believed Versine’s claim of rigged votes, and unleashed the virus on her behalf?
QQUINN: I didn’t notice there was a missing a degree symbol, making it unstable. But I’m FIXING--
QQUINN: I feel... so Sexi it hurts...
PARAB: Do your little turn on the catwalk. Then I turn you in.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

S8.296 - Day 3.14

All the news today seems to be about one of the items in the first panel, so I came up with this bonus on the fly. Yes, it should be white chocolate (or marshmallows) but I didn't want too much white in the panels. Also, I don't like white chocolate. I wonder why I think of QT when I think kitchen disasters...

In other news, I've spent the last day adding navigation links to all prior serial parts. Hopefully that encourages some reading of prior entries?


QQT: Making pie for pi day?
QRADIK: It’s white day.
QQT: Because of the snowstorm?
QRADIK: A month after Valentine’s Day, men give gifts back to women. I’m trying to make chocolate for QCubi. White Day. Get informed!
SFX: *BOOM* (chocolate explosion)
QQT: W-Want to bring her QCubi my pie?
QRADIK: She might appreciate that 3.14 times more...
QQT: Para can lick chocolate off my nose instead...

Monday, 13 March 2017

S8.295 - Battle Scar Galactic Aha

Not the first time Versine has started referencing that show. I think I’m poking some fun at US politics here? It’s hard to tell these days.

This ties together the derivative plot, Sine's dual identity, and the pre-election strips. Hopefully in such a way as it seems pre-planned, despite me having no script until these comments in early January 2017.


VERSINE: Fine. Listing myself as Sine, I could steal her votes, then reset the election system.
VERSINE: But in testing the virus, Sine’s name would derive to Cosine... only to phase back. As if they were the same character.
(QLyn and QSine exchange a look)
VERSINE: Before I could fix the overlap issue, I got on this cabinet. So my whole plan was scrapped.
QLYN: Could one of your followers have implemented it anyway?
VERSINE: As if! People must do what their imperious leader says.
QSINE: Riiiiight.

Monday, 6 March 2017

S8.294 - Trig Her Warning

If there’s a Trig plot, it’s probably Versine. She has a history. A long history. That said, her derivative is relevant, and you now have all the necessary pieces. Can you solve the puzzle?

Incidentally, I don’t know who’s sitting on the other side of that table. I still need to decide who was chosen as minister for the Environment plus one other department (Agriculture maybe?). Thoughts?


QSINE: Your report?
EXPONA: The original virus was trying to target trig.
EXPONA: It needed to differentiate between degrees and radians. But the virus glitched. It started differentiating us instead, with respect to x.
QSINE: And its source?
EXPONA: Someone who would benefit from becoming her derivative in the election database.
(all look at Versine)
VERSINE: Oh, as if you even know the derivatives for archaic trig functions!